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Written by local playwright Charlie Harrington
Conceived and directed by Eric Vaughn Johnson


Bibbidi Bobbidi Cinderella is a brand new stage show written locally in Rochester NY and New York City. The show follows the classic story of Cinderella, but told by the Fairy God Mother’s point of view with many comedic twists and turns! Performed by professional adult actors.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Cinderella begins with a frustrated Fairy Godmother misplacing her storybook. When she finally does find a copy of Cinderella, it's the wrong version! Now, The Fairy Godmother must put aside her pride and tell the Cinderella story... without her in it! A telling of the classic Brothers Grimm story that's friendly for the whole family, this madcap theatrical event will delight little ones, and entertain fairy tale fans of all ages.

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  • Perfect for grades K-6… show is approximately one hour!

  • Cost for individual school booking: $800

  • Add $100 outside of Monroe County

  • Discounts available for multiple same day performances at the same school

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"This was our favorite children's show yet, very friendly dialogue the kids could easily understand and follow." - Pavilion Elementary School


"Hit that elusive sweet spot in children's theatre between sweet and silly, with a lot of fun adult references as well. Thoroughly enjoyable."
- Penny Sterling, Artist and Storyteller


“There is a whole song about the concepts of print, a comparison of Cinderella
sweet message for children and adults, tons of silly humor, and many interactive opportunities! I highly recommend having this storybook
 bus head to your school!”  - Sarah Collins, Teacher


“This was especially centered around the audience and being kid friendly.
- Elizabeth Wolcott, Teacher